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The Benefits of Buying New Construction

Welcome to the Oak Ridge Homes blog, where we keep you informed on happenings within our company and the latest new construction trends. Be sure to follow Oak Ridge Homes on social media to stay up to date on all things new construction. Without further-ado, let's dive into the benefits of buying a new construction home.

March 16, 2023

New construction homes offer numerous advantages for todays buyers. Between modern design and financial benefit, building or buying new construction with Oak Ridge Homes has never looked better!


Floor Plans and Designs to Fit Your Life

When you're on the hunt for a home, many houses on the market today will leave you seeing dollar signs. Whether it's a wall you want to tear down or wall paper that just has to go, there will likely be something you want to change.

New construction floor plans are designed with modern solutions and convenience in mind. Open floor plans and vaulted ceilings are often a staple feature of todays designs. Amenities often include conveniences such as an attached garage, large kitchen islands for gatherings, and a flow to the layout that just makes sense.

Modern and Energy-Efficient Features, Appliances, and Materials

Advanced technology has made energy efficiency in residential homes a standard buyers are looking for. Oak Ridge is proud to use 95% energy efficient materials and designs in all of our homes, saving our clients big money on monthly utilities.

LED lighting, top of the line water heaters, and consciously placed duct work makes your money work for you. Todays homes are also well insulated to reduce the amount of heat and air conditioning that can escape all year long. These energy efficient practices will have your wallet saying thanks for buying new construction!

Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs in the Short Term

New homes feature up-to date engineering, codes, and safety regulations to put your mind at ease about repairs for years to come. You won't need to worry about replacing that roof or furnace anytime soon, allowing you to feel confident in your home purchase.

If any problems do come up, new home warranties are often in place for the first few years to cover potential issues or defects. You'll rest assured knowing you can put more of your money into the things you care about, rather than spending it on repairs for a home you just bought.

Potential Appreciation in Value Over Time as the Neighborhood Develops and Improves.

When building in a developing neighborhood, you can expect your home to appreciate in value over time. New development often presents opportunity for community enrichment, allowing resale value to rise.

If at any point you decide to sell, you won't feel obligated to spend thousands in renovations. Although remodeling will add some value to your home, its likely you won't make back what you spent. New construction will guarantee less work on your end when selling your home.


If you're ready to build or buy a home, let's connect about your next steps.

Contact us or visit our website to learn more!


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