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"Towanda, Jeff, and Sparty's Pawsitively Exciting Journey with Oak Ridge Homes

Jeff and Towanda


Experience the enchantment of Oak Ridge Homes, where dreams become reality and tails wag with delight! Today, we invite you to join us on an exhilarating journey as Towanda and Jeff explore their custom-built home during a memorable walkthrough. Though their furry friend, Sparty, couldn't join them this time, he has left his paw prints on the job site before. Let's embark on this pawsome adventure and discover the progress, selections, and the doggone excitement that fills the air!

Towanda and Christina

Guided by the Experts:

Accompanied by their dedicated realtor, Christina Tamburino from Impact Real Estate, and the knowledgeable Holly Hesslau from Oak Ridge Homes, Towanda and Jeff embarked on their walkthrough with confidence and peace of mind. Every step of the way, Christina and Holly provided unwavering support, answering questions and ensuring that Towanda and Jeff felt fully informed and empowered throughout the process.

A Glimpse of Progress:

As Towanda and Jeff stepped through the door, their eyes lit up with joy and anticipation. The once bare spaces had transformed into vibrant havens of possibility. The walls, now adorned with freshly painted drywall, breathed life into each room. The “paw”fect color choices created a cozy and welcoming ambiance, a testament to the attention to detail that Oak Ridge Homes brings to every construction project.

Exploring Progress in the Kitchen

Personalized Selections:

Towanda and Jeff eagerly explored their soon-to-be kitchen, wagging their tails with delight. The live kitchen design, complete with a central island, unleashed their culinary dreams. The beautiful, white cabinets, standing tall and proud, showcased the couple's impeccable taste and practicality. It was a kitchen where meals would be cooked with love and shared with cherished company and happy hearts.

Towanda Taking in the View

Venturing down to the basement, Towanda and Jeff couldn't help but imagine the endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. The walkout feature, like a welcome mat for furry friends and family, offered a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. It was a space where Sparty's playful energy would find the “paw”fect outlet, creating lasting memories of tail-chasing and endless laughter.

The grand reveal awaited them in the primary bedroom, where tranquility embraced them like a warm, cozy blanket. The spaciousness of the room provided ample room for dreams to unfold, while the generously sized walk-in closet promised a storage haven.

Admiring the Open Staircase

A Journey Filled with Paw-sitivity:

As they soaked in the progress and admired their personalized selections, Towanda's smile grew wider, matching the boundless excitement in Jeff's eyes. The journey with Oak Ridge Homes had been filled with collaboration, tail wags of approval, and the shared vision of creating a space that truly felt like home. It was a journey where their dreams merged seamlessly with expert craftsmanship and impeccable design.



Today's walkthrough marked another milestone on Towanda, Jeff, and Sparty's path to their dream home. Though Sparty couldn't be there in person this time, his spirit and pawsitive energy were present in every corner. With each step, they witnessed the progress and saw their vision becoming a tangible reality. Oak Ridge Homes' dedication to creating homes that bring joy, comfort, and wagging tails was evident throughout the walkthrough.

As the finishing touches draw near, we celebrate the love, laughter, and paw-some memories that will soon fill these walls. Towanda, Jeff, and Sparty are one step closer to embracing the warmth and happiness of their new “fur”ever home. Oak Ridge Homes is honored to have been a part of their journey, and we cannot wait to witness the tail-wagging joy that awaits them in their dream abode.



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