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Country Estates

Perry, Michigan

Perry Public Schools

Country Estates in Perry is a hidden gem that combines the best of nature, convenience, and community. With its larger lots, you'll have plenty of space to build your dream home and enjoy privacy. The abundance of trees not only adds beauty but also provides a sense of tranquility and a connection to the natural world.

Despite the peaceful surroundings, you'll still have access to modern amenities and conveniences. The availability of high-speed internet ensures you can stay connected, while public utilities make everyday life more comfortable. Easy access to highways and nearby shopping areas means you're never too far away from the essentials and entertainment options.

Whether you prefer a daylight lot for abundant natural light or a walk-out lot for easy access to outdoor spaces, Country Estates has options to suit your preferences. You'll have the opportunity to design and build a home that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this wonderful community. The quiet nature, scenic beauty, larger lots, and convenient amenities make Country Estates in Perry an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful and harmonious place to call home. Reach out now to explore the available lots and start envisioning the possibilities for your future in this remarkable community.

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