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Staking & Digging

Once the necessary permits have been obtained and the design and financing are in place, the construction process for your home with Oak Ridge Homes will commence. The first step in this exciting phase is the staking of your home and the commencement of digging.

Prior to staking, the construction site will be prepared. This may involve clearing vegetation, leveling the ground, and preparing the area for construction activities.

The staking process involves placing markers or stakes on the ground to outline the precise location and dimensions of your home. This is typically done by surveyors who use the architectural and engineering plans as a reference. Staking ensures that the construction team follows the approved design and helps maintain accurate alignment during the building process.

Once the home is staked, the excavation and digging phase begins. This entails excavating the foundation area, digging trenches for utilities such as water and sewer lines, and creating space for a basement or crawl space if applicable. The excavation process is carried out using heavy equipment and is carefully planned to ensure the stability and integrity of the construction site.

After the excavation is complete, the foundation construction begins. This involves pouring concrete footings, forming foundation walls, and installing any necessary drainage systems. The foundation provides a solid base for the rest of the home's structure.

This stage marks the physical manifestation of your dream home taking shape. The staking and digging process sets the foundation for the construction journey ahead, bringing you closer to the realization of your vision.

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