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After the staking and excavation phase, the construction of your home with Oak Ridge Homes progresses to the framing stage, where the walls begin to take shape.

Based on the architectural drawings and plans, the framing crew executes the framing plan by constructing the structural framework of your home using wood or steel framing materials.

During this stage, the walls of your home are built. The framing crew erects exterior walls, interior partition walls, and any other sections specified in the plans. They ensure proper alignment and structural integrity by installing wall studs, headers, and sills.

Simultaneously, the framing crew works on the roof structure. They install roof trusses or rafters, sheath the roof with plywood or OSB, and prepare it for the installation of roofing materials.

The framing crew also frames the openings for windows, doors, and other architectural features. They create rough openings and install headers and other supporting structures to accommodate these elements.

Additionally, rough plumbing and electrical work take place during the framing stage. Plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, and other necessary components are installed within the framed walls and ceilings.

Inspections may be conducted during the framing stage to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. These inspections verify that the structural components, wall framing, roof structure, and rough plumbing/electrical work are done correctly.

The framing stage is an exciting milestone as you visually witness your home taking shape. It provides a tangible representation of the layout and space, allowing you to envision how your dream home will look and feel.

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