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Loan Starts

The loan process will begin approximately 60 days prior to the completion of your home.  This marks an important milestone in the journey towards owning your dream home.

At this stage, the Oak Ridge Homes closing department, will initiate contact with your chosen lender to kickstart the loan process. Their primary goal is to ensure a seamless transition and timely completion of all necessary steps leading up to the closing on your home.

Working closely with your lender, the closing department will gather the required information and documentation needed to proceed with the loan.

It is crucial to maintain open communication with your lender throughout the loan process. They will guide you through the necessary steps, provide you with the required paperwork, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Responding promptly to their requests and providing accurate information will help facilitate a smooth and efficient loan approval process.

Once the loan is underway, the closing department will collaborate with the lender to finalize all necessary arrangements for the closing on your home. This includes gathering closing documents from the title company, working with you to settle any outstanding balances, and scheduling the closing date. The coordination between the closing department, your lender, and other involved parties, such as the title company, ensures a smooth and timely closing process.

As the loan process unfolds, regular communication between all parties involved is crucial. The closing department will keep you updated on the progress and any important milestones, while your lender will guide you through the necessary requirements and timelines leading up to the closing.

We understand that this is an exciting time for you, and we are committed to supporting you throughout the loan process. Our dedicated team is here to assist you, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that the loan process proceeds smoothly, bringing you closer to the moment when you can step into your completed home.

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