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Moving Day

"A new home is a place for memories to be made and dreams to come true..."

When considering purchasing a new home, you have two main options, other than custom building, to explore: move-in ready homes and spec homes that are under construction. Let's delve into the advantages and considerations of both.


Move-in ready homes provide the convenience of immediate occupancy. You can simply pack your belongings and settle into your new space without the need for repairs or updates. These homes have already undergone inspections, repairs, and updates, giving you peace of mind. While customization options may be limited, you can still personalize the space with your furniture and décor.


On the other hand, spec homes that are under construction offer the opportunity to buy a new home without having to wait as long as you would if you were to start from scratch. Additionally, spec homes often incorporate newer features and design elements to appeal to modern living standards.


Ultimately, the decision between these two home types depends on your priorities, timeline, and budget. Consider factors such as convenience, customization opportunities, aesthetic appeal, and your willingness to wait for construction. Engage with an Oak Ridge Homes representative to explore your options and choose the home that best suits your needs and preferences.

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