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Celebrating Progress, Sweet Treats, and the Curious Little Helpers at Oak Ridge Homes!

Yesterday Oak Ridge Homes had a bustling day filled with exciting developments. Steve Guel, our Site Supervisor, met with our valued clients in Holt, Michigan, to showcase the progress on their Pinecrest floor plan. With the home currently in the framing stages, we take pride in involving our clients and providing them with opportunities to witness the progress firsthand. It's all part of our commitment to exceptional service and client engagement.

Engaging Our Clients in the Build:

We firmly believe in involving our clients throughout the construction process. Yesterday's meeting was an important milestone as Steve Guel walked our clients through the progress of their home. The framing stage marks a significant step forward, where the vision of their dream home starts to take shape. We cherish these moments of collaboration and excitement, as our clients become active participants in the creation of their future residences.

Treating Our Subcontractors on National Chocolate Day:

Yesterday morning, Oak Ridge Homes had an additional reason to celebrate - National Chocolate Day! We wanted to express our appreciation to our hardworking subcontractors who contribute to the exceptional quality of our custom builds. The Blue Julep, LLC, a local favorite in Jackson, provided delicious goodies to sweeten the day. A big thank you goes out to Lester Brothers for initiating a remarkable custom build in Fairfield, and to M&M Painting for their exceptional work in Aviara Oaks. It's through the combined efforts of our subcontractors that our projects come to life with excellence and craftsmanship.

Inspiring the Next Generation: Miles, Alex, and Joey - Our Curious Little Helpers:

In Owosso, during the final grading of a property, we had the pleasure of witnessing an extraordinary moment. Miles, Alex, and Joey, our curious little helpers, joined our skilled team with their genuine love for construction. Fascinated by the equipment and processes involved, their enthusiasm was contagious.

Wearing their Oak Ridge Homes construction hats with pride, Miles, Alex, and Joey enjoyed every moment of their experience. They eagerly engaged with Caleb, our experienced team member, who patiently explained the intricacies of excavation and operating heavy equipment. It was a true educational adventure, as they not only learned but also became an integral part of the construction process.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Caleb for his dedication and mentorship. His efforts, along with the enthusiasm of our little helpers, have sparked a passion for construction within these young enthusiasts. They serve as a shining example of the next generation of builders, proudly representing Oak Ridge Homes.

At Oak Ridge Homes, each day brings us closer to fulfilling dreams and building exceptional homes. Our commitment to client involvement, appreciation for our subcontractors, and dedication to inspiring the next generation of builders are at the core of our values. As progress continues and the sweet aroma of success fills the air, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.


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